Green Calcite Stone

Our Green Calcite stone is a substantial masterpiece that radiates in soothing pistachio green, adorned with delicate white accents and a hint of whimsical brown lines. This impressive stone, though lacking defined edges, boasts a distinctive, almost rectangular cylindrical shape, standing tall and majestic.

Reminiscent of a forest, this Green Calcite captures the fusion of colors and forms found in nature. Its calming pistachio green hue invites serenity and renewal, while the gentle white accents add a touch of elegance. The brown accents lend a very earthy and natural dimension to this unique piece.

Ideal for display in your home or sacred space, this substantial Green Calcite is more than a stone—it’s a work of art, a testament to the artistry of the Earth. Embrace its calming and balancing energy, making it a centerpiece of positivity and tranquility in your surroundings.

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1.000 kg


95x55x150 cm