Amethyst Ball – Open

Combining a great variety of colors, patterns, and shapes, is our very unique and stunning open amethyst ball. Resembling a planet from a different galaxy, the beautifully worked outer surface of this one-of-a-kind stone combines beautiful tones of darker green with red accents in the thicker parts of the stone that transition to white crystal as the outer layer gets thinner, ending in openings to the inside of the sphere that reveal the amethyst marvels that await inside. The apertures, signaled by the distinctive purple hues of the amethyst, give way to the mesmerizing insides of this piece. Inside, purple and orange crystal points adorn and give life to this ball, adding to the already extraordinary and beautiful exterior.

The blend of the variety of colors, shades, and dimensions that this extremely unique piece offers make this a standout piece that will capture the attention of anyone who shares their presence with it. Perfectly suited to adorn a space for people, this piece will highlight to anyone the beauty and the artistry of our so precious planet.

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500 kg


88 cm